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Corporate To Retail was founded to give an educational insight into the way that institutional traders think, trade & act. The aim of Corporate to Retail is to share with retail traders the proficiency & effectiveness of a corporate traders market approach.

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Corporate to Retail hosts their master trading account that Richard Campbell manages on the Pelican App. The Pelican App allows you to auto-copy traders such as Corporate To Retail.

Corporate to retail aims to provide an institutional insight to retail traders. Our head of trading only knows this too well, after spending 30 years in the institutional sector. Corporate to retail provides free educational videos, market & position analysis via telegram and institutional market analysis reports.

How CTR Works:

Meet Richard Campbell

With almost 30 years experience in the FX markets, Richard has traded successfully with passion and discipline in almost every market condition there is. 

Richard spent 20 years at Lloyds Bank and held various Senior roles including Head of FX Proprietary Desk and Head of 24 HR Trading. Richard spent 10 years as one of the top spot desk traders at Lloyd’s investment bank. 

After leaving Lloyds, Richard ran a global team of Traders and a $25mio business. Richard has also been Head of FX Trading for Divisa UK and most recently Director of UK FX for Huge Group China.

How Richard's Strategy Works:

Richard Campbell uses the combination of diverse discretionary trading strategies as well as money management techniques that only experience and institutional level preparation can provide.






Richard adapts each strategy to existing and current market conditions since no strategy exists that will be profitable during all market conditions at all times, it's vital to be adaptive if you are to be successful.

Richard adapts himself to market conditions that ensure trading decisions are based on factors that move the market at that specific time. Adaptation to these environments is done through the analysis of shorter time frames using a combination of mathematical formulae that provide an indication of which direction the market may head to next and as always, mathematical algorithms and technical indicators can only be as good as the analyst or trader that is interpreting them.

Richard has had the privilege of working with some of the most exceptional traders, analysts, developers, and executives. Over the years, this has expanded greatly to allow him to discuss on a macro level what large conglomerate banking institutions and trade desks have in terms of ideas for an ever-changing market.

Richard makes certain that each trade is carefully monitored at all times as overall position and account risk management is overseen constantly by a manifold of custom developed programs and algorithmic tools that allows Richard to examine open position risk and historical performance metrics. Money management and risk management are the utmost indispensable elements of the trading methodologies Richard Campbell adapts.

Richard's Risk Management Framework:


AUM 5% Maximum DD per month on Notional

Maximum margin to equity is 15%.

Amount of AUM 10% Maximum DD per account on Notional Amount of AUM

Maximum equity per trade 1%.

Maximum risk per trade 0.5%

100% hard stops on each trade

Maximum 2.5% cumulative risk exposure of portfolio at any given time of Notional Amount of AUM

Non-Biased trading with maximum portfolio allocation in a Single Currency 50% of portfolio


Copy Trading Software

To copy the Master CTR account you can find the strategy on the Pelican Trading App. The Pelican App allows you to auto-copy traders. This means that all positions traded on the CTR account will be copied directly onto your trading account via the pelican exchange software.

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